Reasons to Read

I inherited this poster when I hired into a new teaching position. I thought it was a little infantile for my sixth graders and nearly took it down. (Luckily, it was practically glued to the wall and I gave up.) Instead, I ended up studying the poster when I was quietly working alone in my room one day. Corny as the worm may be, I had to hand it to him - those had always been my reasons for reading.

So the worm went with me from one classroom to the next until I no longer taught in my own classroom anymore. I hope whoever inherited the worm this time also takes the time to read and appreciate the small points of wisdom. These reasons served as the cornerstone of my reading lessons and surprisingly powerful motivators, even for my teenage students.

During Covid, who didn't wish they could explore new places, different times? Who hasn't argued with someone over a simple lack of understanding? I've always learned something new when I've set myself to the task of reading. It has greatly improved my vocabulary, spelling (somewhat) and grammar. And as a writer, I don't know how I would ever have found the creativity in me without the giants who influenced me over the years. I'm a better writer because I read. And I'm a much happier person with a book or e-reader in my hand.

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