Finding Motivation to Read

Reading, for some, is a chore. I respect that. Not everyone can just get lost in a book for hours, barely coming up for air. When some people read, they get this amazing image in their head, like they're playing book scenes out like a movie in their head. They can see, hear, and feel the setting and by the end of the book, they feel like they knew the characters as if every one of them was real. It's so great to just be able to escape like that. No matter the room, no matter what's going on out in the world, your world is transported to another time, another place. You get to be that someone else you're reading about.

Schools so often teach reading for comprehension (which is important, but...) and rarely for enjoyment. Students begin to believe there are "right" answers in a book discussion. Where's the fun in that?

Reading is, and can be, for fun. The more you set aside time to read what you WANT to read, it feels less like a chore and more like "me" time. It's like when I took up running... at first, it was a chore. After some time, I finally got what all the fuss was about - that "runner's high." Reading can be like that. Just like running, set a time, remove distractions, take what you need to be comfortable, and settle in to complete your goal. Whether that's a certain number of pages or a timer for reading, setting a goal helps you relax, accept that "this is happening" and "I'm really doing it." When you hit your milestone, there should be a sense of accomplishment. And who knows, you might just find you like it.

Running. Who knew?

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